June 06, 2007

Finally, after several hours on the phone with these bastards, I got Verizon wireless to 1) admit that they are a bunch of incompetent clowns, 2) apologize profusely for treating me so poorly and 3), get them to give me a credit for an additional $100 credit for my trouble.

Plus I got the satisfaction of having the high mucky muck grovel a bit, which they certainly owed me after jerking me around on my bill for two months (and telling me that I owed them 600 bucks.)

The lesson is: anytime you don't get exactly what you want, ask for the supervisor. If that person can't help you, always ask for the supervisor's supervisor. Keep going up the food chain.

The striking thing (and this is true for any of the billing companies I deal with from phone, internet, alarm system, etc.) is that the numbers are completely invented. If you don't get good service, demand a credit equal to a month's service. if you get really poor service for a few months, demand that you do not have to pay for that whole period, plus something additional or you will cancel the service altogether.

Competitive world-- let the corporations reap a tiny bit of what they sow.

If you are adamant enough while remaining friendly, you will get what you want.

We have had free alarm system service for 4 months now because of glitches on their end, and now will have two months free cell phones.

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