June 20, 2007

We are busy moving things, and since most of the things are mine I am feeling oppressed by my stuff. Not a new feeling, of course, but if you haven't moved in six and half years and you have a big house to fill and you are an acquistive sort of the highest order...well let's just say you are in for a hell of a time.

And this isn't even counting the 1000+ pounds of honey in buckets in the kitchen.

I have come across some good things I have squirreled away. One is this rare sticker from the 1988 presidential campaign:

Another is this page from a Mr. T coloring book:

Mr. T gets very thoughtful outside.

Sometime I have to find the whole coloring book. There as an incredible drawing of Mr. T looking at modern art and not understanding it.

Also got rid of about 6 feet of LPs as I moved them. In the process of moving I also came across some of my favorites, among which is this great album photo:

Actually my picture sucks. The key to the photo is that Narciso and the Christ have the same exact expression on their faces. I'll get a different picture sometime.

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