June 15, 2007

You may have noticed that I have honed the posting the music files things. I have wondered how that was done for some time.

Every once in awhile I do my best to try to catch up with the new tech things the kids are doing these days. A sad spectacle, in general, like stepping on a skateboard.

But this
Box.net concept is interesting. They are presenting the public box idea as a "blog for your files." I guess the idea is that here is a place for everyone to share in your riches, musical and photographic and otherwise. No reason to sit through some ranting clown, either

Recently there has been this interesting shift where people post so much on these public sites, just vast oceans of pictures and whatnot. I would guess that this is a move toward some huge storage sites in the ether and people's computers at home are access points more than anything else.

Easier to charge people fees too, of course.

And to monitor everything with great alacrity and ease.

I for one am a bit distressed when I get an email that some friend or family member has posted 300,000 photos of themselves and their kids (the urge seems to take hold for some with the arrival of kids. Then they post a gagillion kids' pictures and also include a numbing array of pictures of themselves to boot). Rarely do I both to wade through this stuff. You know how I hate excess.

Send me a few choice ones and save the rest for Big Brother.

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