July 24, 2007

Want to learn more about "the Ibero-Mexican, fertility-favoring, phallocentric honor code" and the borrachera Mexicana?

Undismayed more academic readers, as well as fans of Pizza Patron with a shot of tequila, might want to check out this book, which argues that in Mexico drinking is a profoundly political act.

Intoxicated Identities: Alcohol's Power in ... - Google Book Search

you can read some of it in this google book search and see if you want to wade through often turgid academese:

"the larger lesson is that alcolohized or alcohol-friendly semiotics cannot be so easily captured by a state identity apparatus." p. 70

yes loads of over writing here, but the central idea of the political and social character of drinking in Mexican culture, literature, revolutionary politics, and music (mariachi, generally) is interesting.

If you have a thirst for knowledge, that is.


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