July 08, 2007

A long crisis day here at the homestead.

As I mentioned earlier, I spent a couple days at the LOC taking pictures of the files in the manuscripts collections for later reading.

When I came home I also took some pictures of our lovely cat, which I am going to send out to various friends hoping to find a new home for her (and thereby save her from a sure trip to the Norfolk gas chamber when we move to Korea in about five weeks).

Our cat sitter fell through. It is a crisis. Want a sweet cat? Blimpie is for you, just send me an email.... Here she is:

She comes with all the stuff you need for a new pet. She is a good cat, no doubt about that.

So, I was describing the crisis: My wife plugged in the camera to her computer and magically and without warning it erased the card in the camera. This apparently happens upon occasion between Macs and sandisk cards. News to us. This created no small uproar in the house, largely from me, and several hours of great sorrow. The card read: no folders on this card, and other such shite.

But it turns out that erased data is still there, and my valorous wife spent the whole day finding the software (which you have to buy) and using it to extract not just the several hundred photos of documents, but all manner of things I have taken pictures of over the past few years. It seems that the camera has rather randomly saved them in secret recesses.

Now this was a sure sign of the Kingdom of Heaven that all of my work wasn't lost. Tranquility has been restored.

Kind of wild that this information can be extracted, isn't it? Kind of scary too. Nothing every disappears.

it makes we wonder just what happened to the information on my computer when I gave it to a mariachi in North Carolina, so his kids would have something to do when he went to cockfights.

All of this persistance of data gives hope that the criminal computer files the Bush cronies erase can be uncovered someday by Hillary's secret police...

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