September 05, 2007

headline should read: Apple figures out a way to fleece more people. Now you can directly buy a song into your ipod and then never be able to do anything with it, since what goes on an ipod never leaves.

Apple Cuts iPhone Price and Revamps iPods - New York Times: "Users will be able to connect to a new iTunes Wi-Fi store from which they can download songs directly to their music players without having to connect to a computer."

It is interesting to me that, unlike in most big US cities where ipod drones are walking around everywhere with the white headphones, I have seen zero ipods in Seoul. But everybody seems to have MP3 players, little ones, hanging around their necks. And I would guess that most cell phones here, which are an insane obsession, have music players built in.

Even one of the profs on the interview panel I was on last week immediately dove for her cellphone and began text messenging whenever there was a break. Strange.

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