September 06, 2007

It is interesting how these bootlicking lackeys to power conveniently forget that they are all a bunch of Ivy Leaguers.

History News Network:

“What is it about Bush,” the always reliable Victor Davis Hanson asks, “that evokes such furor?” You’ll never guess what he comes up with for an answer:

”Let's start with the hard left, whether in Hollywood or the blogosphere, or among the academic elite. They hate George Bush. To them, his tax cuts, alliance with the religious right, opposition to abortion and gay marriage, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq foster the image of an illiberal imperial America. His strut and mangling of words are more salt in their wounds.”

Ahh, the academic elite who hate the war.

It gets a little funnier every day, watching people who think they’re sticking it to the academic elites by offering their unwavering support for a surge designed by Frederick Kagan (PhD, Yale) and executed by David Petraeus (PhD, Princeton) to the loud cheers of William Kristol (PhD, Harvard). All, natch, as part of a war run at various points by Robert Gates (PhD, Georgetown), Eric Edelman (PhD, Yale), Stephen Cambone (PhD, Claremont), Condoleezza Rice (PhD, Denver), and the Georgetown professor Douglas Feith, who as simple folk – aw, shucks! – just got himself a plain ol’ juris doctorate.

It is true, of course, that the guys at the top of the organization are extra-plain, super down-to-earth folks. As Hanson puts it: “Sophisticated Europeans don't like the idea that the world's most powerful military is run by a Texan with a twang and a Bible who's full of missionary zeal about changing the status quo.”

That Texan with a twang would be the Yalie and Bonesman George Bush (MBA, Harvard), recently seen visiting his family’s longtime vacation home on the coast of Maine.

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