September 01, 2007

Indonesia: the biofuel blowback | openDemocracy

Unintended Consequences, continued

Indonesia: the biofuel blowback | openDemocracy: "Prices for palm oil have risen sharply since early 2006 largely because of increased demand for food and other products in the booming economies of China and India, but to a significant degree due to the expectation of growing European demand. Indonesia has embarked on a headlong rush to grow more palm oil. It is set to overtake Malaysia in 2007 and become the world's largest producer. The two countries aim to supply 20% of Europe's biofuels by 2009. One of the best places to grow palm oil is on cleared land that was previously virgin rainforest. West Kalimantan is one such place. It is situated in the Indonesian part of Borneo, and is one of the main boom areas for palm oil. So are international climate- change solutions helping the local indigenous populations there? Or could they if conditions were right?"

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