October 07, 2007

An Exit Toward Soul-Searching - washingtonpost.com

Here is an article about all of these Bush advisors leaving the white house and wondering what their legacy would be:

An Exit Toward Soul-Searching - washingtonpost.com "

"As Bush Staffers Leave, Questions About Legacy Abound"

Undismayed loves this notion that there are "questions" about the legacy. It is, in fact, unquestionable that the legacy is the political equivalent to warm, slippery shit in a moist paper bag, just waiting to cover your nice shiny shoes and crispy ironed pant.

Therefore, we here at Undismayed thought it might help them out with a list of a few of their legacies that they should think about when wondering just how thoroughly they botched their time in office, humiliated themselves and tarnished their family names, and ruined this country's future.

Legacy 1: A massively expanded federal government that is far more intrusive in people's lives without adding any additional security, prosperity, or ease, all of it delivered in the worst way possible. This might be shortened as a legacy just to be called "bloated, expensive and utterly incompetent governance"

Legacy 2: A failed and unnecessary war in the Middle East that has been deeply worsened by incompetent management never before seen in an American administration. This failure is, fundamentally, a failure of leadership and of governance. It is a failure of the only reason these clowns were presumedly in office--that whole governance thing. Here is the Bush gift that Americans will be reaping the consequences of for at least a generation, probably longer. You thought the 2004 election was a joke just because it focused on some he said-she said fucking bullshit from Vietnam? Just wait to see what legacy the Great Failed Iraq Rim Job is going to produce. Thanks, Bush staffers!

Legacy 3: An unexpectedly effective hollowing out of the political discourse and the cultural and intellectual climate of this nation as a whole. It is not so much a legacy of coarsened society as a denuded one.

Legacy 4: Acceleration of the permanent and irreversible destruction of the Appalachian mountains in order to produce highly polluting coal for cheap electricity to hide the actual cost of the society and economy we all enjoy. The Bush staffers have helped, as a big part of this legacy, to push any reckoning on the stooped shoulders of our children.

Legacy 5: Selling out the US economy to the Red Chinese. True, the Bush administration did not invent this, and the Clinton are at least as guilty, but the speed with which the American economy has become an empty shell waiting to be crushed by its competitors can be attributed to the Bush administration. The only thing they did speedily!

Legacy 6: Hillary as Obersturmfuhrer.

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