October 10, 2007

Remember I was just saying that if I had $50 million In could think of an instrument or two to buy?

Turns out I could buy a bushel of them. This huge collection of historic banjos is now returned from its Japanese collector (photo above) and ready for sale in upstate NY at Bernuzio's musical instruments.:

Major Collection Comes Home!!

We are pleased to announce the purchase of a portion of the Tsumura Banjo Collection. Akira Tsumura is the greatest collector of banjos in the history of the instrument. He amassed a collection that far exceeded his book's title, "1001 Banjos". We had sold many banjos to Mr. Tsumura over the years, especially when he first started to collect Victorian era banjos. In a conversation we once had, he commented on the negative sentiment of many collectors that too many "good American instruments" were going overseas. "Don't worry", he said, "One day they will all come back". Well they have! We have procured for our customers, 120 fine open back banjos and banjo ukuleles, many that appear in his book. There are many fine banjos from the S. S. Stewart company of Philadelphia, PA, and ukulele banjos from Gibson, Bacon, Paramount, Vega and many more. These instruments have been in storage for about 10 years. The metal parts are oxidized and they all need cleaning and set up. Pictures will be forthcoming, but we have referenced the pages in his book that show each instrument. Some select pieces have already sold, so, if you are interested in any of the instruments, do not hesitate. This is an opportunity to own a true part of American musical history.

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