November 27, 2007

Chess Tactics Server

I am not a chess player, though I do like to play chess. When I was in the _______ civil service for 7 years I used to get paid $13.65 an hour and used to play a lot of chess against a dude I worked with (who was getting the same pay). For a time I got decent, or perhaps he also sucked. Now he is a banjo instructor. No connection.

Here I have made friends with an insane German (who like most expat professors is insane. He is also completely f'ucking hilarious, great sardonic sense of humor delivered in pure Werner Herzogian tones ) who is chock-a-block obsessed with chess. Since his office is down the hall from mine suddenly chess is again a topic of conversation.

(Perhaps this is an academic's hazard. If I worked in finance wouldn't the guy from down the hall be telling me about blowing lines of coke off a stripper's fake tits instead of telling me about the Sardinian opening?)

I suck at chess in any real way, so he is resistant to play with me . But he did tell me about this German site that offers up chess quandaries. It is, to be sure, a way to kill some time if nothing else. You can sign in as a guest and then tell it to start tactics. Or you can score some blow, your call.

Chess Tactics Server

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