November 20, 2007

Here is a good business idea: a guy in NC who sets up bees for people and manages the hives for pay. Instant hobby and built in sales. | You get the hive, he gets the honey

Crawley, 31, does business by setting up colonies in people's gardens and maintaining the hives for them. The clients don't have to do any work, except make sure there's a water supply nearby for the thirsty bees.

Customers can get beehives, monthly maintenance and lessons, at prices ranging from $65 to $125 a month.

The clients get a garden full of blooming flowers and larger yields of fresh fruits and vegetables. Crawley gets honey to sell to individual customers and to restaurants such as Jujube and Bin 54 in Chapel Hill. He'll then give the individual clients a case or two of honey.

For those of you not up on current rates, most beekeepers renting out hives for pollination only get about $30 a month for regular crops. CA almond producers pay up to $175/hive during the pollination season, but of course they are desperate and the season is short.

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