November 12, 2007

Ok, I will admit to being uncommonly amused by seeing this today.

There I was in the supermarket today, smirking at the tomato flavored candy and the fried chicken flavored snacks (shaped like little fried chicken legs)

when my lovely wife nonchalantly said "oh, do you want to pick up some Dick Sticks?"

I had completely missed the Dick Sticks.

There are three different flavors of Dick Sticks. One of them is sesame. One is something else, I have forgotten. One, the kind I bought, is "Crunch and Plain Bulgogi Stick." Bulgogi means "grilled beef" in Korean, which of course means that these are grilled beef flavored Dick Sticks.

See why I was uncommonly amused?

I chortled to myself for awhile in the store, I will admit.

I can't really put this on the other blog, but I figured you, dear Undismayed reader, might very well be interested in my beef Dick Sticks. Awwwwwyeah!

The company that makes these Dick Sticks is, bizarrely, named "Darwin." Their corporate slogan is "Your Food Designer."

That is a bit odd, no?

It is like like something out of Oryx and Crake. I hesitate to reference that book since I hated it even more that I hated Atwood's other books, but I will admit that my first thought upon seeing Darwin's logo was that it was right out of that book.

I haven't eaten my Dick Sticks yet. I am waiting for the right occasion.

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Burro Hall said...

I am SO glad you have a back-up blog!