November 18, 2007

There was an article in the NYTimes about internet addiction in Korea (they made a boot camp for youths to cure them) that defined internet addiction as two hours a day on the internet.


Actually most of the kids spent 17 hours a day online. 2 seems a bit minimal to Undismayed. You should spend more time than that just marveling at this blog.

Shit, two hours a day isn't even enough to begin to scratch the surface of what is available to watch on son huasteca videos on youtube, let alone do anything else.

I just discovered these. You would have thought that I had seen them all but I have not yet seen all of the norteno ones that demand to be seen...

Some of the best son huasteca videos I've found (this, or this or this or this among others) do not allow direct embedding for some reason, I think because they want to sell the music, but are worth clicking through to hear.

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