December 10, 2007

All they need is love...

I am sure you will share my shock, shock that
Saudi Arabian terrorists are being given special, easy treatment by the Saudi-bootlicking Bush administration, which is releasing them from Guantanamo.

See, it is always worth it when the Saudis recycle their recently inflated oil money on multiple billions to buy American weapons. You get freed terrorists as the maraschino cherry on top of the deal.

But here I always thought that the Bush family was against furloughs.

One question that did pop into my mind (after, geez, what did Saudis have to do with 9-11 anyway? I mean, besides the hijackers all being Saudi, bin Laden being part of one of the richest Saudi clan, and also besides the fact that the Saud family as well as many of the oil rich sheikhs there support terrorist activity around the world) is if these terrorists were not actually "the worst of the worst" to use Rumsfeld's category, why were they being held at all?

And, if they are indeed terrorists, why are we freeing them back to the #2 terror supporting state in the world?

It turns out that they answer is that Saudi Arabia is re-educating the former terrorists in a six week inpatient program. Better than the one that made Keifer Sutherland sober. This one works on the unstoppable power of peer pressure.

Feel better now?

The treatment is part of a Saudi "reintegration program" designed to help Dossari, 34, and other former Guantanamo prisoners adjust to modern society and learn the meanings of Islam. About 40 of the more than 100 Guantanamo detainees from Saudi Arabia who have been transferred to Riyadh since last year have been released after participating in the program, and the rest are scheduled to be let go in coming months.

The Defense Department considered more than 90 percent of the transferred detainees to be terrorist threats to the United States and its allies, but sent them home as part of an agreement that Saudi Arabia would mitigate the threat, according to Cmdr. J.D. Gordon, a Pentagon spokesman.

"Our goal is to transfer out as many individuals from Guantanamo Bay as we can," said Sandra L. Hodgkinson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs. "The Saudis have developed a reconciliation program to address the needs of their population, and we strongly appreciate them finding a way to mitigate the threats that these people pose. We believe this is a very, very good program."

...After a reunion of nearly a week with their families, the former detainees begin a six-week program to "correct their ideas" about jihad and non-Muslims, a government effort to woo them away from al-Qaeda's radical theology in one-on-one discussions with religious scholars, Saudi officials said.

"Our government gave people a chance to correct their mistakes and start a new life, to understand Islam and make people understand government," Dossari said. "This is the only solution for terrorism."

After completing the course, former detainees begin the second phase at a halfway house, replete with a pool, volleyball courts, video games and table tennis. "It's like outpatient treatment. It's like a camp or resort," said a senior Saudi official familiar with the program, who agreed to be interviewed only if he was not identified.

...They are under substantial pressure to return to the halfway house. "Everyone has come back. One was late, and he called to say he had an accident and would be late. Another got an extra day or so because he was married," the Saudi official said. "The social responsibility puts pressure on them. If they don't show up, then we will tell the Americans, who won't release any more Saudis."

"substantial pressure" wasn't enough to keep freedom loving American banks and borrowers from being unable to retrain themselves from creating idiotic mortgages, but it will keep terrorists from destroying the Great Satan?

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