December 05, 2007

It seems I have mortgage on the brain, but let me ask this:

why is it fair that people who took out irresponsible loans -- and the banks that created the irresponsible loans -- should be given a bail-out by the government and/or to have generous terms retroactively applied to loans that clearly stated the terms in the first place (
as reported in the Times)?

Why do these people get government (read: my tax) supported low rates frozen when others (uh, like me m'fer!) have been paying relatively high rates from the get-go because I am not a fucking idiot taking out an interest only loan?

for example.

Sure these loans were bullshit, but these people and these banks signed them! Pay the piper!

Let the banks fail, that's what I say. Make the irresponsible pay for their irresponsibility.

Or, if we need to keep them afloat to keep the economy from tanking (details, details) here is my plan:

let's at least hang a few of these asshole bank officials who got the country into this mess in the first place, and enslave the borrowers who borrowed more than they could afford without adequately planning for the looming eventuality of increased payments.

I think my hanging-enslavement solution to the mortgage crisis is a reasonable one. I have forwarded it to Mitt Romney's Cyborg Headquarters.

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