December 12, 2007

This article on Mike Huckabee in the NYTimes is interesting. Not because it tells you much you don't already know about Huckabee and have already heard a million times (He used to be fat! He believes in the literal truth of the entire Bible! He is ahead in the Republican field! He is essentially a stupid fucking hick with a pleasant demeanor! He is going to stick you in a camp with the AIDS patients!) but because the Times reporter manages to sound precisely like a self-righteous asshole from card-carrying-liberal central casting while writing this smarmy piece about Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee - Presidential Election of 2008 - Elections - Evangelical Movement - Religion - Politics - Republican Party - New York Times: "Six weeks ago, I met Huckabee for lunch at an Olive Garden restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. (I had offered to take him anywhere he wanted and then vetoed his first choice, T.G.I. Friday’s."

... The band was tight that night, but the show started slowly. Only a few couples took the floor. A man who looked like Dick Cheney did a sedate version of the Chicken with his wife, who also looked like Dick Cheney.

The piece is, I think, purely meant to artificially build up Huckabee's candidacy to make Romney look just a little bit weak. Incidentally, the Times is doing the same thing with Hillary, writing knowing and winking little stories about the possibility of losing in Iowa.

Jesus H. Christ, as Huckabee might say, this campaign is boring the shit out of me.

I am glad though that Huckabee, being a fundamentalist Christian, a homophobe, and a Republican, is certain to be caught getting cornholed by some dude in a public bathroom some time soon.

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