December 20, 2007

Surely there is no better way to appreciate the Reason for the Season spirit than to observe Christmas in its extreme forms in Jesus haunted Mexico, courtesy of Burro Hall.

If I may pose a question here in the spirit of honest holiday inquiry, what the fuckin' fuck? I half expected attorneys for the Aunt Jemima Corporation to step in with a cease and desist order. I know Mexico has a somewhat less-uptight attitude towards blackface minstrelsy than we do up north, but putting aside the offensiveness of it for a minute, it just doesn't make sense. The angels, the donkey, the Holy Parents, all more or less period-correct for an event that happened 1-Day B.C....and then - sho 'nuff! - out pops this antebellum galley slave! Can someone with a better understanding of all this explain it to me?

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