December 28, 2007

The War on Chickens (continued)

The Otero County Sheriff's Department Wednesday released the names of four people who were cited after a large-scale cockfighting raid in Chaparral Friday evening. The raid involved more than 100 officers and resulted in the confiscation of 144 roosters, more than $22,000 in cash and other paraphernalia related to the illegal sport....

Sanchez said people began to flee the area in all directions. Once the area was secured, a total of 144 roosters were seized. Of the 144, six were shipped to Albuquerque Animal Control.

"A total of 138 roosters had to be euthanized," Sanchez said. "The were all examined by a veterinarian and a forensics expert. The vet said they would not have survived in captivity in their condition because they were so shot up with steroids and amphetamines to enhance performance."

Deputies also seized syringes, spurs used on the roosters, computers and other paraphernalia that all showed evidence of cockfighting.

Why not just free them and let them fend for themselves? In Hawaii (aka, paradise), there are wild chickens everywhere....

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