January 21, 2008

I'm no supporter of John Edwards, but don't you feel bad for the guy?

You have to give him credit for at least working hard for years on this totally lost campaign. And at least he is not John motherloving Kerry.

Obama has had it handed to him because he is a smart, articulate black guy and a bunch of people who await a political savior from the shitstink politicans we have think he is the One (nope) and that, without any clue about the U.S., they think he has a chance to win (he doesn't, at all).

Hillary Clinton is of course, the Great Satan, so she has the powers of darkness at her command and can send forth demons at will, reverse the course of rivers, and so on. All those little Branch Davidian kids in Hell are doing her bidding, it is like an Asian sweatshop down there as they breath sulfer and experience being run over by tanks for all eternity, ever while churning out the "Hillary is Inevitable" black magic spells that have bewitched every fool in the Democratic party.

But Edwards? He is just your regular old vainglorious wannerbe dude. Got rich doing a sleazy job, but at least he did it (Obama has raised money with his toothy grin and Hillary of course is a mad genius who cornered the commodities market on the first go, (look at her run, pickin up speed!)

At least Edwards picked a good topic to flog for years. I think he actually believes it too, this radical idea that poor people shouldn't have their lives diminished by our society, that something must be done to give a future to someone who isn't a brainiac but can work hard and well given a real job with opportunity, and that maybe the poor shouldn't have shit shoveled down upon them. He forgets--nobody in America gives a shit about poor people, including poor people. We want winners, not losers.

I don't think he would have made a good president, and I wouldn't have voted for him. But I know for certain that none of these assholes will either.

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