February 19, 2008

MorganHillTimes.com | County supes to consider banning Mexican-style rodeo

And while Undismayed has been otherwise occupied, the push against Mexican rodeos continues and someone else has noticed that there may be something afoot other than a sudden burst of interest in animal welfare.

MorganHillTimes.com | County supes to consider banning Mexican-style rodeo: "As supervisors prepare to debate whether to ban two Mexican-style rodeo exercises in unincorporated parts of the county, longtime Morgan Hill resident Mary Pena believes county leaders may be overreacting and even offending a large segment of the Mexican American community.

Pena, owner of the Rancho Grande arena in Morgan Hill, leases her land to Ruben Alvarez, who holds so-called 'jaripeos' or bull riding events at the Condit Road facility in the summer. No cruelty is perpetrated against the animals, she said.

According to Pena and others who understand jaripeos and charreadas - county supervisors must be careful not to lump them together and consider them cruel to animals. Charreadas, they say, are just plain Mexican rodeo events without any animal abuse."

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