February 25, 2008

This fake tour bus story is interesting, but not because it involves a fake tour bus.

Tennessee state police have seized more than $1.5 million in suspected drug money found hidden on a "fake" tour bus.

Officials with the 10th Judicial District Drug Task Force say law officers saw the bus weaving in and out traffic.

When they stopped the bus, they found only the driver on board.

The man claimed he was on his way to Indiana to pick up a touring rock band, but couldn't name the town he was supposedly heading to.

A search of the bus revealed bundles of cash hidden inside speaker cabinets.

This is the second such bus the task force has busted in the past six months.

In both cases they found more than $1.5 million.

The seized money is used to fund the drug task force's operations.

Police believe that Mexican drug cartels are using the buses as a cover to smuggle drugs and money.

You might think the guy could have conjured up "Indianapolis" maybe? Or French Lick? Or maybe Mishawaka (with the sublime town logo of "always familiar, forever new")?

[longtime assoicates of Undismayed will recall that the Charlotte old timers were all from Mishawaka]

What interests me is that the cops can seize this huge amount of money without actual proof beyond the fact that the dude didn't know the name of a town in Indiana, and then are free to confiscate this booty to use it to fund themselves to go seek out more drug busts. The drug war becomes a perpetual motion machine built upon spoils, like piracy.

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