March 12, 2008


The always interesting James C. Cobb knows of what he speaks


"Cobbloviate: "For the last few weeks, I’ve been warning folks who were already making plans for the Obama inaugural that the Billarys are like the cinematic monster-fiend who, despite being decapitated, eviscerated and incinerated, rises from the depths just before they roll the credits for one last savage swipe at the noble but naive folks who are joyously celebrating its demise. On the morning after the Texas and Ohio primaries, I’m guessing they finally get the message. The Billarys will be around when the cockroaches and rats have long since given up the ghost, making one last pitch, spinning one last sorta-truth."

and here

"In reality, all of this suggests to me that many people are drawn to Obama not by where he stands on any particular issue but because he presents an attractive leader-model in whom they choose to believe with astonishing ferocity. Ironically, in this regard, he seems very much like the charismatic, inspirational (though also a bit short on specifics) Ronald Reagan, whose gravesite a desperately hopeful GOP checks for signs of exit every Easter."

"One last morsel for premature thought. Thinking back to Ms. Obama’s comments [about not being proud to be an American despite her life of elite success], if Mr. O is actually elected president, what kind of political fallout will there be for African American leaders who continue to premise their policy initiatives on the historic disadvantages facing people of their race? It’s not too hard for me to imagine a conservative line to the effect that the election of a black president should effectively bring down the curtain on the supposed era of atonement."

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