April 06, 2008

I was originally of the mind that Mrs. Clinton released her tax returns as a way to call the bluff of her many opponents and to lessen the impact of the news that have been slurping up money in all directions in the general election (assuming she is in it). The slavish news media has a habit of not reporting anything for longer than a news cycle or two if they choose. Usually it is in service to the vast right and left wing conspiracies, respectively. Thus, W. got a free ride for his coke use and for dodging both the draft and national guard service. On the other side, to mention Rev. Wright now is to stir up the "past", though, to quote Jesco White, the past is coming into the future to mess up my good life.

Somewhere I remember reading an analysis of how the American people don't mind electing rich bastards. In fact, they seem to enjoy it. (maybe it was in "what's the matter with Kansas?" or maybe somewhere else). So vast wealth itself is not a problem, voters tend to think it makes the leaders more legit or they just look past it. Few have wealth held against them. But it is a certain kind of wealth, with the right tone. Kerry didn't have it, but Bush does somehow. (shit eating grins help). McCain's wife is loaded but who out there really gives a shit? I don't know if people will hold it against Mrs. Clinton that she has blood money by the tens of millions (10.5 tens, to be almost exact).

Suddenly, after reading in the Washington Post that the
superdelegates are being very coy and witholding judgment (meaning that Mrs. Clinton has twisted some arms) it occurred to me that maybe this story was planted so the Clintons can tell the world that they have the ultimate deep pockets and will be able to buy their way into the White House fair and square. Sure, Obama has innumerable campaign contributions from little people all across the nation, but the Clintonocracy has piles of money from across the world that will be able to use to directly serve their Satanic master.

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