April 05, 2008

The story about John McCain's son serving in Iraq brings to mind many things.

One of them is the overly easy comparison between the McCains, a family presumably proud of its country given a couple centuries of service to it in the military, and the Obamas, a family professedly unproud of same country, and the Clintons, a family against service but all for
cashing in enormously and disgustingly in the past eight years (remember how horrifying it was when Reagan left office and then flew to Japan to give a speech for a million bucks and everybody thought he had sold out his country and now was cashing in. Reagan's corruption was peanuts in comparison to the whore-like Clintons. And don't bring up the comparison of how Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld have all enriched themselves--those people are known shitbags seeking the ruin of this once great country)

But no, the bigger concern I got from the story is whether McCain would make a good president given his known predilection for Cosby sweaters:

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