April 30, 2008

When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web - washingtonpost.com

The answer to the question below is: maybe when they aren't paid jackshit. Or, when they are elected.

...Or when free speech is (completely) rescinded in this country.

When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web - washingtonpost.com: "But the crudeness of some Facebook or MySpace teacher profiles, which are far, far away from sanitized Web sites ending in '.edu,' prompts questions emblematic of our times: Do the risque pages matter if teacher performance is not hindered and if students, parents and school officials don't see them? At what point are these young teachers judged by the standards for public officials?"

Of course, Undismayed is an anonymous blog. I never can figure these clowns who post things on the internet and then are shocked when someone actually sees it. I see no reason to give ammunition to the forces of darkness who may seek to destroy me...

My favorite story in this regard of compromising web pages happened to a friend of mine in S.F. He and his wife were looking for a nanny, and they found someone on Craigslist that the wife really liked. My friend was a bit nervous about hiring someone off of Craigslist so he did some searching and came up with the young woman's myspace page. Turns out she had a band. Ok, no big deal. But one of the band photos she had posted had a picture of her doing coke cut into the shape of a swastika. Perfect!

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