June 19, 2008


I just happened on this Pilsen blog, which Undismayed's Chicagoland readers might be interested to check out. (For non Chicagoans, all you need to know is that Pilsen is now essentially Mexico)

The Mexican Son lessons sound pretty damn good to me.

art pilsen: ART, MUSIC AND DANCE CLASSES: "WEDNESDAY- July 2 through August 20
SON MEXICANO- Bring your guitar or another string instrument
7:00 – 8:30 PM
Irekani Ferreyra
Students will learn about the Mexican Son: Jarocho Huasteco, Mariachi, Calentano, son de Tarima, Gustos and Sones. Every class begins with the simple rhythmic patterns of the “son” and builds toward playing together as an ensemble. You’ll pick up loads of rhythm skills with the myriad patterns. This is a great opportunity for players of other stringed instruments to get more choices in phrasing and strumming. Seize the rhythms, melodies and stories that feed this spectacular, living music. $90"

I can't make the lessons, but will be in Chitown this time next week and will be eating goat tacos if all is going well.

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