September 12, 2008

Since there are elements in the media who have begun noticing that the Straight Talk McCain/Palin campaign has tended to lie in speeches and ads in order to win the election, Undismayed has decided to inject some truth telling into the campaign in order to balance things a bit. And one vital question:

It is TRUE that John McCain supports the Bush administration's embrace of torture as official government policy despite he himself having been tortured.

It is TRUE that John McCain has swallowed Karl Rove's load (at least metaphorically).

It is TRUE that Sarah Palin does not believe in the fundamentals of modern society, including such liberal things as "science," "biology" or "evolution," but does believe in God's Eternal and Unstained Christian Truth and that your son is in Iraq fighting for Jesus Fucking Christ Himself.

It is TRUE that Sarah Palin is a total failure as a parent and that her Christian morality should actually be in question in the campaign. This has been declared off limits by the Straight Talk Express, but let's be entirely truthful here--if you are a fundamentalist Christian and your teenage daughter gets knocked up by a teenager outside of the bounds of holy matrimony, does this not telegraph clearly that she is to blame, that she is a failure, and that God hates this family?

Do we want a tortured liar swallowing loads and the Whore of Babylon hated by the very Christian God who guards this country to be in Washington?
Decision 2008!

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