September 10, 2008

Those who smelt it, dealt it. Those who supplied it, denied it.

Surely you have noticed how coverage from the supposedly liberal media has been producing constant and really rather impressive propaganda for the McCain/Palin campaign for the past week+? Can this really be happening? Are we really to be manipulated into electing these motherfuckers by a media that slavishly lavishes attention on each of their fluff statements as if there was substance to it? That doesn't make a bigger deal out of the fact that the VP candidate is essentially refusing to kowtow to the US public (her putative boss) unless she controls all aspects of the interaction? is this 'straight talk'? Is this what we want?

It is almost as if the corporate masters of the supposedly liberal media have decided not to let this election slip away from them just because the country has been run into the ground by a bunch of incompetent clowns who just so happen to be Republicans out of touch with the miserable little shits that sometimes are otherwise referred to as "the American people."

There definitely has been a shift in coverage, in language, and in the treatment of Jesus H. Obama, who is apparently not quite the Christ the old storyline had it. The real news is just how fucking fresh McCain is. What a blast of fresh reform he brings! What verve, dash, and vim!

It is all quite familiar from 2000, when G.W. Bush suddenly rolled out the phrase "a reformer with results" after the New Hampshire primary. Suddenly, the media started reporting that Bush was a reformer and that scrappy little underdog McCain was spanked and sent to ponder how quickly he would decide to swallow the load of party regularity. It took only four years for Ol' Straight Talk McCain to get on his knees and publicly lick the boots of GW Bush, liar, incompetent, knave, thief of elections and starter of wars.

Keep in mind that in this same time, a Republican like Jim Web decided that he would not even shake the hand of Bush, incompentent, immoral, and criminally irresponsible leader he has been.

It is with a straight face and a grave demeanor that the McCain/Palin Big Lie of representing change from the very party they are advance agents for has been inserted quick snugly into the rectum of the American public by a fully witting and useless press.

Thus can Republicans have it all ways--they have policies that don't work or affirmatively fuck things up, and then they claim that they are the only ones who can save the country from themselves. This is the political equivalent of sniffing your own farts.

John McCain sniffs his, of that we are certain. Sarah Palin doesn't fart because, well, everybody knows that girls don't fart. She may sniff McCain's, but we are waiting to hear she says in her interviews with People Magazine.

Yes, of course there are commie libs in the usual media outlets and out in the blogosphere, but the message is clearly not getting through. The pursuit of the non-controversy about the pig wearing lipstick line is but one example. Thus again does an important presidential election get bogged down in bullshit precisely at the time that we see the total failure of federal policy (apparent most recently in the takeover of Fannie and Freddie). Our system is collapsing and we are being snookered. We'll get what we deserve.

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