October 02, 2008

Am I utterly alone in wondering who gives a fuck that they found "millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett's" plane? The news is all over the place, and nobody has paused to ask "who the fuck cares?" Who additionally gives a fuck about any aspect of the life of "millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett" in the first place? Or his death? Come to think of it, who gives a fuck about "millionaire adventurers"? Who cares if some rich commodities trader decides to squander his fortune in hotair balloons and fancy sailboats and planes? This isn't even glamorous stuff anyway. We need a break from that Virgin Atlantic guy and from Ted Turner and from all of these bastards. Doesn't the fact that you are loaded kind of mitigate the significance of your adventure? How hard is it to undertake an adventure when you just buy it?

(Pretty hard for Fossett, I guess, since he bought an adventure into the side of the mountains)

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