February 08, 2009

I of course get most of my essential Mexican news via Burro Hall, but I see he is off chasing butterflies.

For some reason, this story and photo appeared in the Virginian Pilot. The picture really captures it:

Yup, that is Hijo de Santo, the son of Lucha Libre great El Santo, receiving communion on the 25th anniversary of his father's death. 25 years and not one mask shall fall.

That is a great picture. There is a majesty to wearing the mask at all venues.

In Mexico City there was a display we saw in a subway station of incredible photographs by Lourdes Grobet of the masked ones in all manner of settings, with particularly saturated colors, also made into a book. I see he has one coming out of Lucha Libre family photographs, an essential one I am sure.

The Catholic Church really earns the 'catholic' label since there is room enough for all from the masked wrestlers as well as the Holocaust-denying reinstated priests.

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