February 03, 2009

Jimminy Christmas, does anybody that Obama knows pay taxes?

here is the

Where is the change we can we believe, Mr President Barry, sir?

Since Killefer was the head of McKinsey in DC, doesn't this mean we should nationalize that entity and use its money to feed the pandas in the national zoo?

Though I have to say that the Daschle tax evasion is particularly disgusting just because of the size of it. He should be made an example through public disgrace. This case is yet another example that only the chumps out here in Real America pay taxes.

This makes me want to cling to my gun.

What good is it to throw out the lapdogs of corporate tax cheats to bring in actual tax cheats? Can we expect a political tax cheat to raise the taxes on windfall profits and to punish general corporate malfeasance?

We need some fucking heads to roll in this sinking pathetic corrupt country and instead we are stonewalled in Congress by the party that got freaking trounced in the election, and we are concurrently getting a parade of fucking criminals lining up to send more of our tax money to the banks. It is demoralizing, isn't it, to live in the Third World?

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