March 31, 2010

The failing economy basically means that any source of revenue starts to look good. Cue the legal pot campaign in California. Letting no crisis go to waste in this regard is something that should be applauded. Once stoned Californians start wiping their asses with dollar bills, which is sure to happen when marijuana is taxed, other states will also legalize pot and then the area of freedom will be that much larger. Or there will just be more weed around and we will still all be slaves, more likely.

Of course all we will get in Virginia as a result of this crisis atmosphere is legalized discrimination against gay people, which is continuing with great vigor ever since the Christian fundamentalist nutjobs took recent control of the state. And I am pretty sure that is not going to be helping out state coffers. It can't be coincidental that the state has begun obsessively re-running the "Virginia is for lovers" ads, with their variously and heavy handed Aryan insinuations.

But here is another interesting idea--officially recognize the value or "cultural merits" of something even though it is illegal. That opens up so many possibilities of things I can think of with cultural merit. Kind of a winking approach to the question of legality.

"HONOLULU — Illegal cockfighting would be recognized for its cultural merits under a resolution advancing in the Hawaii Legislature.

The House Tourism, Culture and International Affairs Committee passed the resolution Monday on a 4-2 vote, sending it to the House Judiciary Committee. The resolution doesn't have the force of law and wouldn't legalize cockfighting, which is prohibited in all 50 states.

But supporters say it would recognize cockfighting's long history in Hawaii and among Filipino migrants who cherish it. They also say cockfighting is widespread on the islands, and legitimizing it could boost the economy."

"Animal rights groups oppose the measure, saying cockfighting is a cruel blood sport.

Before passing the resolution, representatives amended it to include a line saying they don't support gambling or gaffs — sharp knives tied to game birds' legs."

it was shelved.

The whole thing could be seen as something of a gaff...sorry...

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