March 10, 2010

Last week I watched Mike Seeger's characteristically amazing and effortless and generally all around kick ass demonstration of a huge array of different guitar styles on this dvd and it really struck me what a loss it was that he died. You can listen to it and hear it but watching him break it down so elementally is something else.
The totality of his mastery really was complete and the totality of the loss even more.

Then this morning very randomly I read this section in Dylan's Chronicle where he describes seeing Mike Seeger play one night and describes being blown away. Dylan said Mike "Radiated telepathy." and said it about as well as it could be said: "in order to be as good as that, you'd just about have to be him, and nobody else." (p. 71). Mike was so good that Dylan decided that he should write his own songs. That makes sense.

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