June 01, 2010

I am a very big fan of the late and great Ruben Vela of course, love his puro valle style conjunto, and always will.

The old lady and I even had our picture made with him back in 2007 (in fact, the last time I could drag her to S.A.). (top cropped since the Colonel remains best unseen. But no mistaking my lovely wife's smile:

But even given my unquestioned devotion to Sr. Vela's music, I would balk at the $2500.00 being asked on ebay for his suits (though the cash price is negotiable) That is a per-suit price.

One is a tuxedo, one is two button. Haggar brand. (a quick search reveals that at Sears these suits run $108 new. At JC Penney they are $49.99 new (for the two button 'polyester/viscose with polyester lining,' big and tall size. Ruben Vela's were "short' size. (see above pic). Waist 32, jacket 38, inseam 29.

The suits are overpriced methinks, but the description of the auction is really quite moving:

"In loving memory of Ruben Vela, Sr., 72, who entered the Lord's heavenly kingdom on Tuesday, March 9, 2010.
He was born on May 10, 1937 in San Antonio, Mexico to Alvento and Emilia Guzman Vela. Ruben was raised in Relampago, Texas. He had lived in Santa Rosa for 48 years where he has a street named after him. He was also a Conjunto Regional Star, accordian player and in the Conjunto Hall of Fame."

I will, again, promise to post my pics of the TCF once I dig them off of my other computer, which will happen shortly.

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