February 07, 2012

Many interesting things afoot in the 757.

For example, the Mo Money Taxes store, a tax loan operation ripping off, sorry, servicing the local community
is not cutting the checks as promised. This yielded this fine quote:
""Sorry is not good enough, Mo Money," says customer Rhoda Williams when she found out she would not receive a check today."

Norfolk, really a beautiful area. For meth.

"NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - Police, fire, and HAZMAT crews responded to a possible meth lab in the 1200 block of Strand Street Monday afternoon.

The situation kept many people inside their homes, as crews closed Strand Street from Chesapeake Avenue to Alexander Street during the investigation.

"'See the fire trucks man," neighbor Domoneek Gillard said to his son. "Look at the fire trucks.""

Yes, his name is "Domoneek." I am sure he usually just says "It's spelled just like it sounds" since that is no doubt what it is.

Lots of meth around, like in Kill Devil Hills. It is worth clicking through to see the beautiful threesome cooking up the meth.

Vacation capital Virginia Beach also has its charms:

"Virginia Beach police told WAVY.com no investigation is being conducted after a baby accidentally ingested cocaine he found on a spoon in a motel room."

This after finding dogshit in the corner of another room and asking to move. To the coke spoon and crackpipe room.

"Her family noticed the room had a foul smell, and after searching found animal feces in the corner. They called a maid to check it out.

"The maid was kind of bent down like this, saying 'I don't see anything, I don't see anything,'" said Ronald Hartshorn, the child's grandfather, as he demonstrated what happened. "And when I went like this...that's when the crack pipe fell out of the other side of the bed on the floor."

WAVY.com confronted the employee at the front desk. She had no comment, and repeatedly said, "You'll have to talk to my manager about all of that.""

But freedom reigns, as Virginia is finally, finally repealing the law that only allowed we freedom loving Virginians to buy one gun a month.

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