September 28, 2007

I have been trolling through Mexican and Mexican-American myspace pages as part of my project on Mexican music (it is actually research, not exclusively a sign of my growing madness, although it is possibly a sign of that too) and have found all sorts of good music.

But some of the things on these pages is just insane, even by depressing myspace standards.

This band from Yakima Washingoton called
Futuro de Tierra Caliente, which plays decent music in that unusual regional style, which features harp. They seem to get it together best on "Los Arroyuelos." Their music video seems to tell a story but I had trouble following it.

Anyway, one thing I was finding fascinating on this page and others frequented by Mexican-American in particular (it seems) are the little tags other people send in to each others myspace pages.

Scroll down on Futuro de Tierra Caliente's page and take a look. I couldn't figure out how to post the animated image on this blog or I definitely would.

I am particularly enamored with Jesus floating over the waves toward the viewer, all on an alien planet (note the earth on the horizon).

Speaking of kitsch, as I have been on the other blog, how do you explain a culture that creates and/or uses images of kittens in untied boots, or the 'Happy tasty tuesday" image, or (keep scrolling) this angel baby playing with the frog (?)

or, much further down, the dolphin saying "happy weekend, God bless you".

I am unable to process these images fully.

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