September 28, 2007

National Digest --

You know that nasty smell of microwave popcorn? Turns out it is essentially sarin nerve gas

National Digest -- "Popcorn ingredient regulation advances WASHINGTON // The buttery taste and smell of microwave popcorn might have caused a deadly lung disease in workers who package it. While there's no evidence of any danger to the millions of people who eat it, the House voted Tuesday to have the government regulate food workers' exposure to diacetyl, which occurs naturally in some foods but can be dangerous when workers inhale it in manufacturing settings. The Democrats' legislation gives OSHA three months to tell microwave popcorn production and packaging establishments and all flavoring manufacturing locations using diacetyl to limit exposure to the chemical; institute air monitoring, medical surveillance and safety labeling; and require protective clothing and equipment for workers exposed to it. Two years after the legislation is signed, the rules would apply everywhere diacetyl is processed or used. The House passed the legislation 260-154. The Senate has not yet considered the bill."

let me put the plug in for the Indiana-made Whirly pop

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