October 18, 2007

Dust-to-Digital, which I would consider one of the best old timey reissue labels going today (and definitely the one with the coolest concepts), is rolling out a bunch of new and great collections this fall.

In addition to a Tuvan throat singing collection -- always welcome -- there are several compilations of obscure music from 78s. And, finally, the first volume of a box set of field recordings from Art Rosenbaum. When I was first getting into old time music I loved one of his banjo records that the Madison Public Library had. He had a great ear too, of course, and found and recorded some incredible music. There has been a one volume cd sampler out for awhile which is great. The box set is sure to be incredible.

I mentioned to my lovely wife that it is lucky I am in Korea or I would have to spend our money on all of these things. She responded, "you are just going to buy them when you get back anyway." Smart lady.

Dust to Digital is the label that put out the incredible "Goodbye Babylon" box set. A great collection of the best in old time and blues gospel, about a perfect thing.

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