October 18, 2007

Sad news that Chalio Ayon has gone on to his reward.

He actually died almost two weeks ago, but the news of Mexican musician's deaths travels slowly to the Hermit Kingdom. Always the last to know.

Just think, you have have been happily thinking he was still alive all this time. Undismayed again helps to spread the heavenly peace.

Ayon played with Los Rebeldes del Norte, a great band from Sinaloa with a solid traditional norteno sound. You can hear a small clip here and also here you can hear their songs streamed endlessly. Ideal!

Linking through to the main grupos section of La Mesera is also a good one to check out some other solid bands too, all free.

Or, of course, if you are in virtually any part of the US (or Mexico) you can just turn on the radio.

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