November 06, 2007

Paste Magazine :: Review :: No Country For Old Men (Page 1)

I am happy to hear that the Coen brothers made a film out of Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, which is kind of a throw away book for McCarthy but a good story and my guess it will be a good film. If the Coen brothers keep it together, which only happens part of the time.

Paste Magazine :: Review :: No Country For Old Men (Page 1)

Don't ask me how I happened across this magazine, which I have never heard of. I haven't read the review since awhile ago I realized it was ruining my movie going. But it is useful to know what is coming out. Especially since the likelihood of it coming here is silm in the extreme.

If you have read the book, let me ask you a question that I have wondered about: Do you think the protagonist is to blame for the events that unfold or do you think we are supposed to consider the events as pure happenstance?

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