November 05, 2007

Waterboarding Used to Be a Crime

You can thank the Bush administration for adopting the torture techniques of the Imperial Japanese circa WWII. I am sure Poppy, while he was floating in the ocean as a war hero, would be gratified to know that someday his son would grow up to be president and led American troops deep into the miasmic swamps of illegality and immorality.

Waterboarding Used to Be a Crime: "The United States knows quite a bit about waterboarding. The U.S. government -- whether acting alone before domestic courts, commissions and courts-martial or as part of the world community -- has not only condemned the use of water torture but has severely punished those who applied it.

...We know that U.S. military tribunals and U.S. judges have examined certain types of water-based interrogation and found that they constituted torture. That's a lesson worth learning. The study of law is, after all, largely the study of history. The law of war is no different. This history should be of value to those who seek to understand what the law is -- as well as what it ought to be."

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