December 07, 2007

CIA Director Hayden was worried about "misrepresentation of the facts" so he has come out in the open about the destruction of the CIA torture sessions.

Hayden said he decided to discuss the tapes publicly because of news media interest and the possibility that "we may see misinterpretations of the facts in the days ahead." The New York Times said on its Web site that it had informed the CIA on Wednesday night that it was preparing a story about the destroyed tapes.

What could possibly be misinterpreted? It is all so straightforward.

The CIA, acting with the full knowledge and support of the President, has been torturing people.

If "Americans" would stop talking about "morality" and "the rule of law" or "Congressional oversight" or "limits to arbitrary power" or "out of control executive agencies running roughshod over liberty and bersmirching the good name of the US of A, then the CIA would be able to do its job without interference, just the way the Founder's intended when they created the CIA, as the you read plainly in the Constitution written in the same red ink reserved for Jesus H. Christ* himself.

*favorite political philosopher of Geo. W. Bush

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