December 07, 2007

Strip clubs sue to block Texas' $5 surcharge | - Houston Chronicle

I was glad that Mexican gay-singer killings brought me to the Houston Chronicle, which I only read occasionally, since I happened on this interesting story:

Strip clubs sue to block Texas' $5 surcharge | - Houston Chronicle: "The lawsuit argues that the fee would amount to an unconstitutional tax on nude dancing, a form of expression protected by the First Amendment. It also says the measure unfairly targets strip clubs, while not including modeling studios and adult video arcades. Strip club owners have said that the fee unfairly links their customers to rape. 'Exotic nude dancing is protected speech under the First Amendment,' the lawsuit says. 'It (the fee) singles out income derived from protected speech for a burden the state places on no other income.'"

I haven't thought of stripping in terms of first amendment speech rights, but then again perhaps I am of limited imagination.

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