December 07, 2007

In case you aren't in the habit of reading the comments section here at Undismayed (that is, if you are really pressed for time today and didn't get to it) let me foreground the interesting news from Undismayed's crack Mexican contact at Burro Hall.

The Peña murder looks like it was due to affairs of the heart and wasn't another ho-hum, run-of-the-mill Mexican narco terror murder.

Valley Morning Star : Local News: Deputies probe singer’s death | peña, tamaulipas, mexican: "Tamaulipas State Police believe that Gonzalez’s ex-boyfriend killed her and Peña in a rage over a lesbian affair."

And the Houston Chronicle points out that that other dead Mexican singer was also killed in a way that indicated love's mysterious ways might have been involved:

Hijacked by armed men after leaving the stadium early Sunday in Morelia, the capital of violence-plagued Michoacan state, Gomez was tortured — his genitals burned and his body badly beaten — and then strangled, investigators said. His body was found Monday.

Could it have been a gay killing in this case as well? Would that be just too symmetrical?

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