January 04, 2008

Globalization of the anti-rodeo realm

This picture has caused some ripples, because Auckland City Mayor John Banks thought it was mean to the bull.

Take a look and tell me that the bull looks like he is getting the worst of it:

Now Mayor Banks wants to outlaw the rodeo

Auckland City Mayor John Banks wants people who witnessed this week's Wanaka Rodeo to give some thought to "the cruelty the animals suffered" for the audience's pleasure.

Mr Banks contacted the Herald last night to express his disappointment at the way animals were "distressed for human entertainment" during Wednesday's tournament.

He said that while yesterday's front-page image of a rider being crushed under an upturned bull was "spectacular", it showed the unacceptable exploitation of an animal and it was time rodeos were banned.

"This kind of behaviour is the thin edge of the wedge. I mean, we are as a society rightfully condemning of gratuitous violence of women and children but this is no more or less to these beautiful animals and someone needs to say it is wrong."

The mayor said he had never been to a rodeo but had long fought against animal cruelty and was nearly arrested in Spain while fighting the promoters of bull fighting.

He now wants to see tournaments banned in New Zealand.

...Z Rodeo Cowboys Association president Gary Jackson said it was unfortunate when "ill-informed people" made such dubious statements about rodeo.

Mr Jackson said 36 rodeo tournaments, which attract 250,000 spectators, were held throughout the country each year.

The association had welfare measures in place for all of its animals and the injury rate stood at .002 per cent. Most of those injuries were minor things like scratches which did not require treatment.

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