January 08, 2008

I am not commenting on the presidential primaries because I find the whole just too damn tiresome, especially this fiction that these little meaningless little states are determining which of the unqualified people on the ballots should be the front runner. I just can't get up the moxie at this point to detail how little I think of everyone running.

I am saving my (self) righteous indignation for the regular campaign.

I do wonder, though, how badly the Democrats wish to lose this easy-to-win election. It will be a marvel to watch happen. So many different paths to failures. Heather has two mommies but defeat is an orphan, or something like that.

I am wondering though if the columnists all write their stuff early on or if they are just so thoroughly preloaded with the right platitudes they can just pound out the right column when it is time.

The historian in me senses a real desire on the part of everybody to relive the glory days of the '68 and '72 campaigns, when things were nasty, violent, and seemed much more portentous (and Hunter S. Thompson was around). The campaign race writing I have seen (and I have looked) is almost totally unreadable because it is simply dull and the drama in it is false. I have been lucky enough not to see any TV coverage or to hear NPR for the past five months. Blessed radio silence.

Is the press just not interesting like it was in the days of the
Boys on the Bus? I am sure a bunch of these reporters read that in college as I did and thought it would be fun to follow a campaign. Too bad all the politicians these days are shit gurgling fools. But I guess they always have been.

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