January 08, 2008

The story is amusing, but better is that this story appeared in The Intelligencer/Wheeling (WVa) News Register, a fine newspaper with the really impressive slogan "Right Here. Right Now."

Detained Illegals From Mexico, Mo.

WHEELING — Ohio County sheriff’s deputies were not surprised when they were told three illegal immigrants detained Saturday were from Mexico. They were surprised to learn those men were referring to Mexico, Missouri.

Sanchez Marcial Sampayo, 35; Emilliano Vergara Sampayo, 21; and Martin Cortes Romero, 20, were transported to the Northern Regional Jail after their vehicle broke down at 3:37 p.m. Saturday near milepost 11 of Interstate 70. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were contacted to take custody of the men after it was determined they were in the country illegally.

On Monday, Ohio County Sheriff Tom Burgoyne said the men are from Mexico — but they have lived the past several years in Mexico, Mo. Burgoyne said he was surprised to learn that one of the men managed to obtain a valid vehicle registration in the state of Missouri. The sheriff said he believes all three of the men are Mexican nationals.

According to a report from the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department, Sanchez Marcial Sampayo was previously detained in another jurisdiction and voluntarily returned to his home country. He was in possession of a Mexican voter’s card and international driver’s license.

The passengers of the vehicle had no identification. None of the men spoke English. They told arresting officers they were traveling from Missouri to Virginia to visit relatives.

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