January 17, 2008

Bad news roundup.

In Richmond, a boy who was robbed went and got his dad for help. Apparently having watched too many movies, together they went to punish the robber. The boy ended up killing his father accidentally and now he is going to prison.

She said she was angry, too, that Gregory drove around for about an hour after shooting his father just below his right elbow. His father basically bled to death.

The young man, who eventually got lost and flagged down an ambulance, was panicked, his attorney, Leonard Lambert replied.

"MCV ain't moved in all these years," she snapped back.

Gregory's mother said it was his father, whom Gregory admired and went to live with not long after Miles got out of prison in 1995, who gave her son the .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun he used and suggested tracking down a man who had robbed him of $750.

The robber ran off after hearing the first of what police say were seven shots fired that night. Gregory was trying to shoot the robber from inside his car when his bullet struck his father. At one point, police said, Gregory had poked his head and weapon through the car's sunroof to squeeze off some shots.

This is a truly awful story.

San Jose Mercury News - Boy paralyzed by stray bullet at music school: "
OAKLAND -- Christopher Rodriguez has not felt the ground beneath his feet in days. Pain lingers at night as he lies in his hospital bed, and his father says the boy cannot yet eat or drink.

The 10-year-old has endured unthinkable confusion and discomfort since a stray bullet interrupted his Thursday afternoon piano lesson, severing his spinal cord. But Christopher's most painful moment may be yet to come: when he learns he probably won't walk, skateboard or sprint down the basketball court again.

"He doesn't know that he's permanently crippled yet," said his father, Richard.

Rodriguez said Monday that he wanted to give his son some time before telling him the complete truth. "If you break his spirit now, he may never heal properly at the top," he said.

The active fifth-grader was finishing a piano lesson at a music school on Piedmont and Pleasant Valley avenues when someone fired gunshots across the street after robbing a gas station.

Afterward, Richard Rodriguez said, 'he said, 'Daddy, I don't want to be paralyzed,' and I didn't respond to him.'

In addition to the emotional and physical toll, the Rodriguez family faces an enormous financial burden. Aside from the considerable medical bills, the family needs to buy a special van to accommodate a wheelchair. They need to move to a one-story home. And one of Christopher's parents might have to take time off work to care for him after he is released from the hospital.

On Wednesday beginning at 1:30 p.m., Crocker Highlands Elementary School will be holding a bake sale and donation drive to help the Rodriguez family. Crocker Highlands Elementary School is located at 525 Midcrest Road off Mandana Boulevard.

A trust fund has been created in Christopher's name at the Piedmont Avenue branch of Wells Fargo bank. Friends and community members are planning fundraising concerts and creating a Web site to update the public on the boy's condition.

'You try to do the right thing for your kid, you know?' Richard Rodriguez said Monday. 'You send him to music school. Then something like this happens, and it just shatters your whole life.'"

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