April 03, 2008

Here's a thought: maybe John Yoo is actually a sleeper agent who wrote the torture memos in order to help utterly destroy the good name and image of the United States and instead smear all of us with the reality that we as a society torture people.

Wouldn't his actually being a Chinese mole secretly plotting to undercut our whole way of life make more sense than the idea that he was just an American in a position of authority declaring that torturing people is just fine and dandy as long as we aren't actually killing them.

Maybe W. is a secret Chinese agent too, come to think of it.

Typically solid piece on the torture memo from Dahlia Lithwick

Chinese Spy 'Slept' In U.S. for 2 Decades - washingtonpost.com: "Mak was sentenced last week to 24 1/2 years in prison by a federal judge who described the lengthy term as a warning to China not to 'send agents here to steal America's military secrets.' But it may already be too late: According to U.S. intelligence and Justice Department officials, the Mak case represents only a small facet of an intelligence-gathering operation that has long been in place and is growing in size and sophistication.

The Chinese government, in an enterprise that one senior official likened to an 'intellectual vacuum cleaner,' has deployed a diverse network of professional spies, students, scientists and others to systematically collect U.S. know-how, the officials said. Some are trained in modern electronic techniques for snooping on wireless computer transactions. Others, such as Mak, are technical experts who have been in place for years and have blended into their communities."

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